Water is back!!!

How do I get my water? It’s scheduled so every morning at 6am, I turn on the switch to pump water through a machine for an hour. That’s my life in Albania!

This morning, there was some problem with getting water. I thought I was going to live another life without running water. It seems that the whole building in my apartment had the same problem since yesterday too! When I flushed the toilet this morning after trying and hoping for water this morning, I began hearing constant dripping sound that the water is refilling the toilet. PRAISE DA LAWD!

Yesterday, I introduced the neighbor kids my tablet. They were excited and crazy over it. Don’t worry, my tablet is a little old and slow but it can play some games. My tablet isn’t all that important, so I brought it with me for the kids! They played Plants VS Zombies. I also downloaded a few games with Barbie and Disney in it.


I learned another weird luck that some Albanians believe. When there are stars out at night, it is bad luck to count them. Why? Because counting stars will cause you to get freckles or moles showing up on your body! So every time when I’m counting stars in the sky, I’ll get freckles somewhere.


Albanian of the day (Mind the language!):

Oh dreq!

Meaning: Oh shit!

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