French and Dinner

The best thing about integrating is the free dinner I get from being invited. It’s hard work but worth it! Rock star status.

The neighbor kids brought their cousins over from Gromsh and introduced me to them. We became quick friends and they invited me to their home. I met the father of the house and he spoke French. We spent hours communicating in both French and Albanian….it was mixed! My brain got confused…”Po po po..oui oui po”. At the same time, I enjoyed it! I got to practice my Albanian and French, even though it messed me up, understanding each other’s point is important. I haven’t spoken French in a while, so I’m very rusty. I was surprised by how much French I still remember when we talked about Albanian politics.

I had dinner with the mom, dad, aunt and a lot of kids. It was delicious and I had a great time knowing the family a little more!…..Also free dinner was nice!


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