Losing patience

Every Saturday, there’s a huge outdoor market in Belsh. I needed to buy some clothes but I have no patience to dig through them. I dug a few here and there but found one thing.

I came to the part where I’m starting to understand a lot more of the language and it’s becoming annoying that people had to complicate things to make it more confusing on me. I know they were trying to help but I get it! They don’t need to go the extra mile to explain things. I almost switched on my jerk mode and told them to go straight to the point. I was in the process of buying a shirt at the second hand market. A small simple process turned into a confusion that involved three more people just to help me. I’m just standing there feeling annoyed. I could have been more assertive and be a smart ass but I need to control my cool. However, in other transactions with different vendors, I had no problem. They went straight to the point like they’re suppose to, and did some pep talk here and there. I bought bags of lemon from a merchant and I had a better time talking to them. That’s fine. So that’s my rant.

After the unnecessary complication from the vendor, I went food shopping. The lady vendor gave me two cucumbers free of charge. Usually they charge 100 leke by a kilo but I only needed two. I didn’t get charged for that. I also bought my first eggplant. I got home and made lunch…


Eggplant, cucumbers and pasta.

Voting is tomorrow so all volunteers will be on stand-fast incase of political uprising.

Phase 3 is coming!!!!

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