Phase 3…

was filled with mixed emotions, confusions, and exhaustion. Volunteers in my group met up in Elbasan to catch up after 5 weeks during Phase 2. Being back at the hub to see everyone felt like a flash back. Many volunteers looked happy, tired and tanned! Everyone had to make a presentation about their site. Many anticipated to get this over with. Some did work at their site within their community and some did not do anything at all. It really depends on their community.

In Phase 3, volunteers are back with their host families for a couple of days. Very few did not return to their host family. I am one to live without a family due to special circumstances. I’m staying at my permanent site instead. From then on, I get on a furgon to Elbasan with the Belsh group instead of the Peqin group. It was a comedy.

The next day, I had my first language class with the Belsh group. It was mostly laughter and tiredness. At least I learned a lot for the most part. I enjoyed it.

For lunch, we ate at “BTT”, did some presentations about sites, and then played Jeopardy. I trolled because I was tired. My friends could not help but laughed at my facial expressions when I looked terribly awful. It was for great laugh.


Albanian Expressions and other words:

Here are some fun expressions that I learned from language class today:

Pafsh ëndrra të bukura: Sweet dreams!

E gëzofsh!: Enjoy your purchase!

Shkofsh në djal: May you go to hell.

Ta spif!: That sucks!

Bën petulla me ujë: Talking but no action

Bëfsh gej!: Have fun!

Qofsh i lumtur!: May you be happy!

Shakaxhi: jokester

belbëzoj: to stutter

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