Phase 3: Kruja, Salsa Dancing, Elbasan Karaoke,…..and reflecting

I’ve been occupied these past few days. Phase 3 is officially over and all the volunteers in my group exchanged farewells and then returning to their permanent sites. I won’t be seeing them for a very long time. And now, the journey will finally begin…

I think my experience during Phase 3 was an interesting one than Phase 2. I’m experiencing frustration, loneliness and depression. It’s a normal process to go through different stages when being home sick abroad.

I took the furgon every morning to Elbasan to get more technical training. To be honest, I dread going to the hub and listened to many powerpoint presentations. For some reason, the hub is an anti-thinking and anti-magic zone. I could not think whenever I’m in there. I was always so exhausted. People were cranky and dread coming there. The plus side of going to the hub was hanging out with friends.

During this phase, I took salsa dancing class. It’s my new way of releasing stress and I enjoyed it. I can actually wear heels when dancing. My dance instructor is very patient with me, even though there was a language barrier, we made it work. I want to dance to Salsa music with confidence.

Showing salsa dancing to my neighbor’s kid got me free dinner!

27 June 2015, Saturday

The group took an excursion to Kruje. It felt a little touristy but it was the area where Skanderbeg battled against the Ottoman Turks. There were many buildings built on the mountain sides and the roads were very wavy.

20150627_110010 20150627_110027 20150627_114402 20150627_120749 20150627_122148 20150627_123536 20150627_141103 20150627_141739 20150627_144813 20150627_153045

28 June 2015, Sunday

In the morning, I hung out at the cafe with my volunteer mate with his host-brother. During lunch time, I had a cup of tea with my other volunteer mate with her host-mother. An hour later, I took the furgon to Elbasan.

In Elbasan, a volunteer friend booked a karaoke bar and many of us celebrated many volunteers’ birthday. We had fun singing and dancing. I made a mosh-pit on the dance floor. It was a blast! The best part was everyone singing Bohemian Rhapsody. The party lasted for 5 hours.


I took the furgon back to my site and went to my friend’s house…for another party. We did circle dancing and showed off my Salsa Dancing.

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