Independence Day and new words

I spent my American holiday in Durres with my american friends. We had a BBQ and then had an evening walk around the beach. The nightlife Durres felt different than the day time. It’s beautiful, lively and more people were out. I had pistachio gelato. I would say my Independence Day weekend was a great one and helps to recuperate from 2 weeks of technical language training in Elbasan.

Back in site, I set back to my normal routine. I played with the neighbor kids, learned some more silly Albanian words with them, and spoke English as they needed this.

Today I learned a few new words from the kids!

vetulla– eyebrows

qepalla/kapaku i syrit– eyelids

sqetulla – armpit

arë e keqe e sqetullave – smelly armpit

kërthiz – belly button

ballë për ballë – face to face

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