What an adventure!

Many things happened in the past few days. I traveled down to the southern part of Albania and hung out in different beaches every night. I also visited to other places in the south. I enjoyed it very much. I visited Vlore, Himare, Sarande, Ksamil, Butrint, Gjirokaster, and Tepelene. The transportation was long and excruciating but I’m glad it’s over with.

I stayed a night at Vlore. The nightlife was fun. I walked around with a group of friends there.

A friend and I hitchhiked from Vlore to Himare and met a nice young college couple from Tirana. They wanted to practice their English and I just so happened to be the perfect guest for that. We drove through Llogora Mountain, the place where I wanted to see before but it was rainy and foggy at the time. Finally, it was sunny and the sky was clear and I had the opportunity to finally see the beautiful view.

When the driver dropped me off at the stopping point between Mount Llogora and Himare, I held a sign to go to Himare. I met a middle-aged guy name Cowboy Jim. He seem real cool. The bus showed up and I hopped on. I finally arrived at Himare and hung out with Cowboy Jim at his caravan. He parked his caravan in front of the beach for a month without problems. If this was back in the states, he would be fined. He brought me Green Apple Bravo juice. The view of the beach was beautiful! I met up with a few friends from Himare and friends who hitchhiked from Vlore.

I took the long bus ride to Sarande. It was long and boring. The roads were narrow and wavy throughout the journey. When I got to Sarande, I had lunch, walked around the area and then took the bus to Ksamil. Finally, I got there and finally relaxed by the beach with friends who were already there. In the evening, there was a party at the hostel and a lot of us chat and had a fun time. Many of us camped out by the beach.

The next day, I swam around the beach. I hated swimming but I needed to face my fears. Thanks to a buddy of mine. We took the bus to Butrint and explored the historical site there. The weather was unbearable for me to enjoy. After that, we went back to Sarande, explored the nightlight and had dinner.

The next morning, I walked around before people woke up. At noon, I took the bus back to Elbasan. It was a 5-6 hours drive, costed me 1200 leke. During the time, I drove passed Lazarat (the town that grows weed), Gjirokaster and Tepelene. I never knew Albania was that big but it’s still a small country. I noticed a few signed were in Greek when driving through Gjirokaster. In Tepelene, it is known for its water company. So I had fresh, cold, clean water to consumed. It was so cool.

Finally I’m back home after the 4 day weekend. I wish it never end!


Albanian phrases for the day:

Nuk kam durim: I don’t have the patience

Ki durim: Have patience

We’re dying: Po vdesim

Nga ke humbur?: Where have you been?

Po vdes qe te iki: I’m down for it (I’m down for going)!

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