I took a 3 hour furgon ride to Korce to visit one of my good friends there. I thought her town was different and beautiful and it didn’t feel like Albania at all. I felt like I was in another country. The place had lines of statues, art decor cafes and several cutesy places to lounge. She’s really lucky to have Korce as her permanent site. The best part was the cool weather! The southern part was a lot cooler than central Albania, in Elbasan region. I would definitely return!

20150725_142330 20150725_203241 20150725_142503

I finally went to the gabi with my friend and bought a lot of clothes for 50 leke each! I mostly picked out H&M brands. I bought 6 things for less than $5!!! Amazing deal!


After staying in Korce for 2 days, I took the furgon to visit my other friend who lives in Bilisht. It’s located 2 miles from the Greek border. The town seems like any other Albanian town with just local cafe shop, groceries, health center….not quite like Korce feel. It was nice to visit there once.

20150727_183936 20150727_184154 20150728_114527 20150727_183932 20150727_182459

We baked cookies!

20150727_212544 20150727_212549

Every city that I visited in Albania has its own feel and characteristic but they are all in one country.

Furgon ride to Korce from Elbasan is 600 leke, 3 hours. From Korce to Bilisht is a 20 min ride, cost 150 leke.


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