Ranting. I apologize for my choice of words.

So much drastic changes has been going on. I’ve been travelling a lot that I had no time to get around to updating my blog. I’ve lost touched with myself and people close to me. I reached the phase where I’m constantly changing myself. For good or worse? I’m slowly trying to become a better person. It’s tough when living in Albania. At least I’m learning more about myself. Some people will say terrible things about me, couldn’t care to believe in me or thinks that I’m full of sh*t, but my spirit animal is the Honey Badger. I. Don’t. Give. A. Shit. I can’t focus on the past nor the future. I’m focusing on the present, and whatever I’m doing now will affect my future.

I’ve been living in my apartment without running water for a few days. It’s frustrating and complicates my life. Supposedly, July and August are the hardest months to get water. It doesn’t help that I live on the top floor, so pumping water up to the top can be a hit or miss…will I get water today? Or will the water gods decide to screw me over? Lately, I’ve been cleaning myself with wet wipes!

I’m still playing with the kids every evening and helping a few to improve their English. I also made private tutoring to a few locals around the community. Summer is tough to get people involved in English speaking activities. Today, I brought Chess for kids to play.

What do I do to keep myself occupied during this harsh extreme weather? Well, I’m trying to stay cool, read, study, work out, travel, or watch movie. Summer is the worst season ever. I don’t like the sun. I’ve been getting darker and darker and I’m allergic to sunscreen!


Albanian of the day:

shfaros: to exterminate

I’m feeling a little Dr. Who today. 🙂

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