It’s raining!!!!

After weeks of sweltering and humiliating heat, rain finally came with cool breezes running through me, to my window. I was no longer feeling miserable. I needed this.

My goal is to make a 10-year old girl, my neighbor, become fluent in English during my service. Everyday, I see her in the mornings and evenings, speaking English. I made good progress with her when we played chess. She’s slowly learning how to make appropriate moves with each of the chess pieces. I went easy on her to get her to win. It impressed me that she learned so quickly.


This morning, I finally got running water in my room. I was happy that I finally got to wash dishes. I tried not to use a lot of water because I’m trying to save enough to do laundry next.

I’m starting to make an investment into my home. I need to make my home feel like home and not a foreign depressing dump. I want to make a geek theme in my flat by drawing Dr. Who characters and such. So far, I drew a Dalek, with pencil for tracing.

20150803_150751 1 20150803_174615

Things are starting to look steady for me!


Albanian phrases for the day:

Qeveria shqiptare: Albanian government

Ish e dashura: Ex-girlfriend

Ish i dashuri: Ex-boyfriend

Komshi: neighbor

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