Slow summer is slow….

I go insane when there’s nothing to do here. Summer is the hottest and slowest season EVAR! I use my summer time to travel and paint a project…..

My home is boring and needs awesome added to my life. I decided to make a geek theme to feel at home. I drew a Dalek with a pencil and then started painting. I had my little helper with me on this project. After this, I’m thinking of drawing a Tardis or Cheburashka. I may not be the best artist but at least I get to do something productive!

20150803_174615 20150803_150751 1 20150803_150220

First I started pencil drawing so I can trace over later on.


My neighbor girl retraced the drawing a little darker.


Then she colored the circles.


I painted the higher part.


Almost done!

On a crap note, I’m out of running water once again! This month is hard to get water! I’ve been going to a cafe bar just to use their water! At least I get to travel out more and explore.


Albanian of the day:

Paranojak: paranoid

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