Out of place, out of the usual

After having water problem for days, I’ve been integrating and going out more. I hang out at coffee shops just to use the restroom and fill some water in my water bottles. I don’t always do that…I read books, sipping on my iced-tea and enjoying the A.C. The weird thing is that I’m the only female inside the building while I was surrounded by albanian men. I get stared at a lot but do I care? Do I look like a freak? I do get annoyed when I’m being asked if I have a boyfriend. To be safe, I tell them I am not single so they politely backed off.

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over for the night. She attended a wedding the day before and decided to come visit me from the next town. We ate at a restaurant while I filled up some water in my water bottle and ate like kings. I need to gain wait and fatten up more.

20150809_130416 20150809_130429 20150809_130436 20150809_131405

In the evening, we met up with my British-Albanian friend and played pool at a local bar. It’s very unusual to see women playing pool or billiards…especially American women. We didn’t care…we’re breaking out the norms. We’re living it.



Albanian words for the day:

Kufje – headphone

Lemza – hiccup

varëse rrobash – clothe hanger

gozhda – push pins

vizë – line

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