Some pictures from Elbasan

I met up with my wonderful counterpart who hosted me for the night in Elbasan. She was awesome!

20150811_121414 We went to the main market of Elbasan, an open market that sells fruits, vegetables, beans, etc…

20150811_121454 Cheese

20150811_121527 Open air market




20150811_144830 Zupa dessert that my counterpart made. It tasted like vanilla pudding with bread crumbs and whip cream. I think it’s equivalent to a parfait….delicious!

20150811_192021 Iced cappuccino

20150811_210428 An evening stroll at the park.

20150812_060236 Miremengjes Elbasani!

20150812_084002 An abandoned building with broken windows and rusty spiral stairs

20150812_093723 A dental office with my name on it.

I walked around to find bed sheets. The lowest starts from 500 leke. I ended up going to the pazar and bought a few clothes by haggling. It was a good day.

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