I finally started my first GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) camp in Vlora. The organization is about educating girls about different topics, mostly sensitive topics and discussing them openly. This is something special that girls don’t always get in Albania, because we’re living in a male dominated country. This give girls an opportunity to voice out their opinion and experiences about many different topics: harassment, unhealthy relationship, gender equality, their definition of beauty, acceptance, role model, icebreakers, and more. We also do arts and crafts, games, and writing journals-reflecting about their session and thoughts about what they learned.

The camp runs for three days and are mostly teenage girls. It took place at the youth center. Their English are quite good.


A good amount showed up.


We made flower where each petals describes us.


We played telephone game


We made friendship bracelet.

So far, it’s been a positive turn out. I enjoyed it and I hope to start my own GLOW camp in my site! 🙂

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