Everyday life in Belsh

I’m going to show around my town with a few pictures just to give an idea what my life is like.

20150826_184741 My English club took place at the kids playground. A few brave kids walked up to me to practice English while I’m present. Many were shy but they liked me anyways. I met Maggie, Florida, and Angello!

20150826_184101  Maggie showing off her awesome acrobat skills.

20150826_182601 My English club at the kids playground where kids practiced their English with me.

20150827_193505  Time to get weird and creative with Snippy Me. I had cheese with Siracha sauce for that spicy kick.

20150826_175409 Walking to the center.

20150826_175836 Parts of the center



Albanian phrases and words of the day:

Injoroj – to ignore

Kujtohet? – Do you remember?

Bie shi me gjyma (phrasal expression) – It’s pouring rain

Dicka nuk shkon (phrasal expression) – Something came up

e/i rraskapitur (adjective) – exhausted

neps (expression) – When someone finds something that looks tasty, the equivalent to this phrase would be “Ohhh! Tasty! That looks good!”

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