Tirana day: Cinnabon/Tirana Ring Center/ D Town

I had my first Cinnabon experience in Albania and forgot how ridiculously sweet it was. It was health damaging but the price was cheaper than back in the states. I also ordered a mango Frulatti and expected a high American quality texture of this beverage. This is Albania, I should have known better to have low expectations! It failed to meet my expectation and I regretted paying 200 leke for it. The basic cinnabon costed 270 leke, which was cheap.

20150828_151218 20150828_150853

I visited another big mall in Tirana, not the TEG (Tirana East Gate) or the European Trade Center. It was Tirana Ring Center. My impression was meh. It was just another westernized mall with lines of expensive italian shops. It makes me wonder how do they run their business because I don’t think many Albanians could afford clothes there. I took a few snap shots of random shops of Italian brands.

20150828_165530 20150828_165546 20150828_165602

For dinner, I ate at D Town. The inside was fancy and a little over priced but the food was tasty. I had chicken breasts with beans. I enjoyed it!

20150828_183844 20150828_191955

BORNEOS ARE BACK THIS WEEK!!!  Buy 1 get 1 free for 55 leke? I don’t think that is a good deal because in most places, they are 30 leke each! So basically I would save only 5 leke if I “buy two” of these (technically). It’s not a good deal. I expected to be buy one for 30 leke, and get another one FREE without paying a couple leke extra. Whatever….


At the PC Headquarter, a buddy of mine placed Borneos inside my mailbox. Yay!! 🙂

Here are the rest of the photos from the Tirana Ring Center, I took a few photos of some stores.

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