Destination random: Cingar

Depression made me do something that I would have never done before.

I hopped on a random bus to unfamiliar places that I have never even heard of. The names of villages listed on the bus sign were unheard of. I thought this was crazy and I had no idea what I was doing but I didn’t care. I was too depress to feel. I wondered if it’s going to be worth it. Will I find a place to sleep? As the bus started moving, I noticed there was no fan circulating the air. I thought I made a mistake to get on that bus but eventually the bus driver opened the door entrance to let the air circulate. I hated the bus because it was so old and yucky but I have much respect to the chauffeur who handled it. The destination to nowhere took me to the mountains, Mountain Tomari. The roads were terrible, narrow and wavy. I couldn’t take the heat and sweat running down my back after being inside the bus for an hour and a half. I got off the bus to a village called Çingar, 30 mins away from Gramsh.  There was literally NOTHING but dirt roads, hills, mountains, farm houses spread out from each other, goats and various fruit trees. I thought I want to go home because I don’t think I could find a place to stay and the journey was long. A random villager spotted me because I was sticking out like a sore thumb. I greeted a mom and asked me to come inside and introduced the kids, cousins or whatever. They invited me for lunch and I did the usual introduction and what I’m doing in Albania. I had meat and potatoes, and Zupa for dessert. They offered to let me stay at their place for a few days. The girl called her friends to come over to meet me. They showed me around the village with various fruit trees, eating berries, cherries, grapes, apples, pear and watermelons. I was surprised by how much fruit trees that were grown here. I tutored English for the daughter. For dinner, I had pasta. After dinner, the whole family watched a turkish soap opera “Forbidden Love” (Aşk-ı Memnu). I hit the bed and tried to stay cool throughout the night.

Reflecting about my day, I thought it was worth it and thanked myself for having such an awesome adventure. I will post pictures soon!!!


Albanian whatever of the day:

Grifinet – Family Guy (That’s the name of the TV show in albanian)

Një fet bukë – A slice of bread

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