A day at Gramsh

At 7 o’clock in the morning, I took a bus to Gramsh with two girls who accompanied me. The bus was old and torn and the roads were bumpy.

20150901_185647 Sunrise in Çingar

20150901_072359 Front view of the bus. I was treated like a rock star, sitting in front of the bus, even though the seat wasn’t 5-stars.

Then we transferred to the girls’ grandpa’s car to get to Gramsh. His car dashboard fired a few problems in his car but it was disregarded like other run-down vehicles. If this car was in America, it would get fixed right away.


I started my day with breakfast of Pilaf….rice with some broth juice on it.

Here are few pix…

20150901_100401 Museum, the parking lot is under construction, which makes the car being parked stupidly.

20150901_100529 Random pic while walking

20150901_081951 At the “Chandelier” cafe, there were several girls wanting to take my pictures because I have celebrity status.

20150901_084524 Internet cafe

20150901_101459 Got some ice-cream

20150901_115608 And then another invitation of Ice-cream from a new friend I befriended in Gramsh.

20150901_115352 A nice view while enjoying that ice-cream

20150901_115206 Of course….a treg because every city must have a treg!

20150901_105620 Random graffiti


20150901_111258 The road that leads to the center.


I walked around and explored until noon. Then I took the bus back to Cingar

20150901_134810 Bed sheet

20150901_131939 Lunch!!!!

At the house, I had a paparazzi who kept taking videos and pictures of me. It was a little red-head girl, a little bashful but nice.

During my evening stroll, I found 1500 leke, equivalent to $14-15 dollars, on the ground. I had no need so I gave it away. My new albanian friends were crazy excited and said it’s good luck. I opposed to the idea and think it’s bad luck to pick up money from the ground so they spent it on candies and coffee. We had pizza for dinner. The evening stroll, or what we Americans in Albania call it “bej xhiro”, is when many of the locals take a stroll around the center of the town with friends and family, chatting, and having fun.


My impression on Gramsh was a positive one. I enjoyed my time there and people were friendly and curious as always. I went to the souvenir shop to buy some postcards but the clerk refused my money and said it’s a gift. I was confused but kindly thanked her for the gift. How generous!

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