New project/Mali I Robit/Birthday

I just formed a new English project for my community. It will take place at my high school and I am very excited that it is happening already! School is just around the corner so I’m going to squeeze in another travel itineraries if possible!

Today in Belsh, there was an arrest of Andrea Gjinin, age 50, for drug possession. CRAZY!

I traveled to Mali I Robit and stayed at “Sun Born” hotel with other PCVs for two nights.

20150904_143816 20150904_111649

The meals were decent and westernized, which I miss.


The hotel is situated near the beach so it can be easily walked by foot.

20150904_183226 20150904_185055

I took a long walk on the beach and watching my friend picking up random trash lying around the coast

20150905_094601 20150905_094329 20150905_101234

I walked until I reached a lokal (bar) called “Key West”.

20150905_103509 20150905_103626 20150905_104651 20150905_103913

My name on the sand….


On the way back, I found a hill of plastic bottles, bunkers, and anchors.

20150905_113743 20150905_113749 20150905_120030

My favorite place for lounge reading…


Fruit vendor walked around with his donkey…



My neighbor’s daughter had a birthday so they invited me to have cake with them. The cake was too sweet for me but at least it looks beautiful.

20150903_202506 20150903_202550


Albanian expression of the day:

Askush nuk eshte perfekt: Nobody’s perfect

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