Just another day in Belsh

I had my first school meeting, regarding to English plans and projects. After that….here’s another day in Belsh….

I came over to my friend’s house and discussed about future English club and she showed me her animals.

20150907_151150 20150907_151347 20150907_151355

I had an interesting political discussion with my friend. Politics and corruption in Albania is a bad mix and bribing is common. Paying someone to buy people’s vote is common in Albania. There were two popular political parties, Socialist and Democratic. From what I learned, her IT teacher was the school principal for several years. He was a democratic supporter. After the election, Edi Rama won the Prime Minister position, and support the socialist party. So the socialist party won and the IT teacher was replaced by a socialist supporter who took over his position as the school principal. So whoever has the top rank at their job could be replaced, based on the most voted political party who they support. Being part of a party or support a party changes everything. People could lose their job, or being replaced, if their candidate, who they support, lost. The candidate who won the vote will bring its supporter a job, or the supporter can keep the job (depending who they support). The problem is, those who replaced one’s job wouldn’t have a clue what to do! And those who do know, and was in the middle of the project was screwed!


Albanian of the day:

Përjashtoj – To be banned

-Example: U përjashtova nga universiteti (I am banned from the university)

Ma ka kallur për bukë – I’m hungry (Belsh dialect)

Reposh – down (Belsh dialect; original is “poshtë”)

sukull – mop (Belsh dialect; original is “leckë”, albanians from other cities would not understand this)

Mos më merzit – Don’t bother us

Kjo nuk është e drejt – This is not right/fair

Paçim – bye (casual)

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