Day Trip Tirana/History discussion on communism in Albania

There was a discussion about communism in Albania at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Tirana. It was mainly the older generation, who lived through Enver Hoxha’s time, shared their experience about their hardship during that time. It was intense when they spoke through the microphone because they wanted to be heard. The experience was real. TV news media showed up. They went over the time it was supposed to be finished and that was the problem when trying to manage the crowd of audience. It was an interesting treat.


20150909_092106 20150909_085139 20150909_085540 Before the discussion

Here are some goodies at the discussion!!! I love a free pen, a magazine and a notepad!!

20150909_085816 20150909_085526


These are pictures while wondering around…


20150909_151425  Skanderbeg Square

20150908_170132 This is a coffee shop and a book lounge.

20150908_170226 The side

The 60 seconds video of my day

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