Shiroka, Shkoder/Triathlon Labeat

I took a weekend trip to Shkoder because why not? I volunteered at Shiroka, Shkoder for the event, Triathlon Labeat. It consisted of swimming, bicycling, and running. I stood on the side of the road making sure no runners cheat by hoping on a car and beat everyone to the finish line.

20150912_082349  20150912_105241    20150912_103106 20150912_114422

20150912_115142 20150912_114946

I  explored Shkoder and had company with me. Also, Shiroka is beautiful! It’s situated along Lake Shkoder, and the run-down wooden bridge made me feel uneasy to walk through, so many holes!!! Here’s the gist….

20150912_104754 Shkoder is a bicycle friendly city.20150912_104403 Inside that building, there was a hardcore making out session. An albanian couple had no idea I was watching them intensely from the distance.

20150912_114402 The run-down bridge with several holes, but the view was beautiful.

20150912_143258 I had bubble gum flavored ice-cream because I deserved it for being awesome!

And the many pictures around Shkoder.

20150912_141327 20150912_124733 20150913_095344 20150912_080313 20150912_080635 20150911_201011 20150911_183847 20150911_183527 20150911_183543 20150911_183623 20150911_183313 20150911_183356 20150911_183442 20150911_180750 20150911_180521


Albanian words of the day:

plagë– wound


ndjek-to follow

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