First Day of School

Today is the first day of school. It was mainly introductions and welcoming students. I felt happy and hopeful that it will be a good but challenging year. I hope this year goes by quick and keep me busy from depression.

20150914_075455 This is at the primary school. It says “Welcome Dear Students”.

Insight of some schools in Albania: In America, I’m used to having a fixed and organized schedule, and everything is a breeze. However, in Albania, in the beginning of school year, class schedules are still being modified and nothing is yet finalized. This is beyond teachers’ and school directors’ control. Some schools work on class schedules within the last minute, and some school directors quit their job on their first day. This can be challenging, confusing, and WTF?! Not a lot is in order! Also, school textbooks doesn’t come until way later than expected…why? Because Albania. That’s why!

I teach at the high school in Belsh. These are English books that I will be utilized for lectures. Not many could afford textbooks because they are pricey.

20150915_084828 20150915_084836

My English class, still under construction. I will English-fy the classroom…slowly but surely.

20150915_084900 20150915_085527

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