Weekend Tirana

I’m starting to make this a habit where I take a trip to Tirana every weekend. It is something to look forward after a long week of teaching.

In Tirana, I went to the Opera to watch a performance called Don Giovanni. When I worked at the opera back in the states, using cell phone was prohibited and the audience were polite by not pulling out their phone. The audience in Tirana however were disrespectful and played on their cellphone while the performance was running. Everyone could see the bright glare and it was so bright that the usher had to tell him to put it away.


20150918_230052 20150918_224337

I explored around Tirana and tried a few places to drink and eat. This pricey coffee shop that I went to was Mon Cherie. I had a crem brulee milkshake and it was delicious.

20150918_180818 20150918_182030 20150918_180508

Another place that I tried was Donuts House. There were three locations but only one was open…inconveniently frustrating. I had a blueberry flavored doughnut and it was actually decent! With a combo, I had a doughnut with a glass of milk for 100 leke. The only place that’s opened was Zogu I Zi! The other two locations, near the Swedish Embassy and Kinema 17 Nentori are closed! The only location that was opened was on Rruga Muhamet Gjollesha.

20150919_113953 20150919_114011 20150919_113658

At Superfood Tirana, they serve healthy and vegetarian friendly foodies. It’s inside a boutique hotel, called Villa Alba, at a local. The location can be a little tricky to find because the street sign was almost hidden, so I had to actually look for it….so inconvenient! I ordered a green detox smoothie. It wasn’t what I expected because the texture wasn’t what I hoped for. It costed 200 leke.

20150918_154827 20150918_154457 20150918_155507

I randomly found Kinema 17 Nentor when I was looking for Donuts House. It’s mainly coffee shops on the ground floor, and the first floor were clothing, travel agents….not a whole lot.


A random walk in the main parts of Tirana near the square…


This is Disneyland Tirana with nothing but little kids rides.


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