A trip to Lezhe

I am going to make a routine for myself. Stay busy during the weekdays (working) and travel on the weekends! This will get the time fly quickly as possible. September is flying by so quick!

Anyways, I made a trip to Lezhe for my friend’s birthday party. It was fun. I reunited with friends who lives in northern part of Albania.

A cool story. I was in the bus going to Lezhe from Tirana. During the bus trip, a friend called and the conversation went like this…

Friend: Aydah, are you in the bus?

Me: Yeah?

Friend: Ok, turn around.

Me: (look out the window)

Friend: No, turn your head around.

Me: (turns head around)

It was then I saw a couple of my friends in the back of the bus. That whole time, they were going to the same destination as I was. I thought that was a cool story.

Here are a few pictures from Lezhe:

20150919_142504 20150919_141934 20150919_141920 20150919_154619

Lezhe is 30 minutes away from Shkoder. It doesn’t strike me as “WOW” because it looked like another typical albanian town, compared to Shkoder.


Albanian expression for the day:

Merre ate ose lere ate: Take it or leave it.

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