Kurban Bajram and Shales

Today is a Muslim holiday where many Albanians pray at sunrise, typically outside on the main road. Usually in bigger cities, there will be massive prayers praying outside. It is called the “Kurban Bayram” prayer. This is also a school holiday, so today I’m not teaching. I was unable to observe this holiday because I was invited to a village called “Shales”. It is a small and quiet village with no fixed furgon station to get picked up, so flagging down a furgon is useful in this situation.

Kurban Bajram (Eid ul-Adha or Eid-Ul-Zuha), is the “Feast of Sacrifice”

Eid mubarak everyone! or as they say in Albania Gezuar bajramin te gjithe!

Here is a photo that Mike W. (PC volunteer) took in Elbasan.


Moving to Shales…..here are a few pictures I took. It’s just another typical albanian village.

20150923_175309 The view

20150923_175303 2

20150923_174807 Walking

20150923_174803 The road

20150923_183517 Lokal and video game station…cun spot!

20150923_183747 Burning trash…normal in Albania. This is recycle?

20150923_184346 an abandoned building that’s unfinished for not reason

20150923_200154 BBQ (Zgare) Dinner!

20150924_084739 The morning view from the balcony


20150924_084732 Another morning view from the Balcony


Albanian words of the day:

sulm: attack, offensive, assault, hit,

sulmoj: I attack

hakmarrje: revenge, vendetta, vengence

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