Mali i Dajti (Mountain Dajti) and how to get there.

I took a trip to the Mountain Dajti. It is in the Tirana region.

To get there, start from the Skanderbeu Square, there’s a mosque and the clock tower, next to the Tirana Opera, take the Porcelan (blue bus), that takes you to the end of the destination. Journey cost 30 leke.

20150926_145428 20150926_145525 20150926_145453

From there, get off and start walking towards the mountain until there’s a sign that says Dajti Mountain board, with the arrow pointing left. I would say this is a 10-15 min walk, depending how fast/slow you walk.


Stay on the main road and don’t let other roads distract you. Keep walking up the hill, know that it will take you to Dajti. There are a few signs to indicate this. There is a blue sign “Teleferiku”, meaning cable car. It will point up to the road.


In a few minutes, you will see another sign, that is brown, leading to the building called Dajti Ekspres.




It cost 800 leke round-trip for the cable car. (UPDATE Dec 1, 2015: The price is 500 but it may be during off season!)


I also made a video of my journey there. Enjoy!

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