After work, I got invited to another part of the neighborhood in Belsh. They were students from primary school. I had lunch at their house. While I was there, I helped the girls with their English. They were very motivated to learn English. They’re only in 6th grade and really enjoyed me. We walked to the lake and I was getting familiar with the community. I tutored, read story time, and helped them with their English homework. The little 5 year old girl was vicious and wouldn’t let anyone hold my hands except her. She was obsessed with me and I just met her. It was a good day.

20150929_170310 This is me doing story time for the girls. My face looks deformed with the sun shinning on my face, but what’s important is reading story time for the girls.

20150929_151145 After school lunch time!!!

20150929_144700 Free running water!!!

20150929_142810 The neighborhood

20150929_161122 The view of the Belsh lake from the other side.

20150929_161906 Kids running

20150929_163522 My friend’s cousin caught some fishes at the dirty Belsh lake.


Albanian words for the day:

argëtim: entertainment

argëtuese: entertainers

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