Tirana’s National Historic Museum and CityPark(worse service ever!)

Another day in Tirana…..


I went to the National History Museum in Tirana, 200 leke. I thought it was a great museum and I learned a lot about Albanian history. There were so many things to read but so little time. I spent 2 hours reading descriptions of whatever that’s there. There were three stories. The first floor had the Albanian and English translations, but once I ascended up, the English translation slowly disappear. The second floor covers Enver Hoxha era, the communist era, and that was my favorite part of history. The third floor covered the post-communist Albania. It has the iron eagle stand with iron guns, that reminded me of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones.


20151001_111036 20151001_110748  20151001_110843

At the museum, there was an event for career/school fair inside the building. I was mainly there trying to grab some free notepads.

20150930_194210 20151001_112931 20150930_193605

I felt museumed-out (tired being at the museum) so I walked out, behind the building of the museum and found the bus to CityPark. CityPark is a big mall in the middle of nowhere on the highway, it’s about 20 minute free-bus ride. It’s big but empty because not a lot of people could get there without a bus or a car.


My experience at CityPark was not a positive one. Particularly at Rossman&Lala, a German version of Wal-Greens/CVS. I was pleased to find a lot of sample products there. All of the stuff were labeled in German, but luckily I know enough German to buy a product I wanted. At the check out, the male-cashier looked displeased to see me. He didn’t talk or greeted me. He glared at me and I felt a sour vibe coming from him. After the transaction, I asked for a bag in Albanian. He half-assed tossed the plastic bag at me, not even bothered bagging my item. JERK! If there was a comment card provided at this store, I would complain the crap out of him. He probably had a terrible day, missed his lunch or something….

Then I shopped at LC Waikiki. It’s a Turkish brand of the GAP. The service there was mediocre. At least I greeted the cashier just to break the ice. The female-cashier looked unenthused to be there. I could relate because I worked in retails before….or maybe it’s just me.


Overall my experience at CityPark was a negative one and will not return. It’s isolated and some of the workers there seem unfriendly. It could be me or maybe just a weird day. At least I scratched this off my list.  I think i set my expectation too high again. I forgot to adjust that I am in Albania. Customer Service here is a hit or miss.

And now…..a bus to Shkoder for the evening….

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