ELTA Conference/Turkish Film Festival in Shkodra

I attended my first ELTA Conference in Shkoder. I gained new information and felt positive about my teaching. The speakers were very informative and interesting. I learned some new tricks for my classroom that I will be using in the future. The conference ran for two days.


While in Shkoder, I discovered a wonderful hot beverage called Salep. It is like rice pudding without the rice, sprinkled in cinnamon.


In the evening, there was a free movie showing at Kinema Millenium, called “Long History”, translated from Turkish to Albanian to English. It is a Turkish film. I thought it was a good light-hearted movie. There were occasional subtitle errors throughout the movie. It was in Albanian and I could understand some of them.

20151002_185639 20151002_185619 20151002_184925

Pictures around Shkodra…

20151002_111417 20151002_105647 20151003_144700 20151003_144614

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