Once Upon a Time….in Belsh

I’ve been binging myself with Once Upon A Time marathon during this rainy grey weather. It’s been raining a lot but I’m not complaining.

Teaching is going well. I used some of my budget money to make resources for fun learning. I print fun worksheets for students to help stimulate their mind. I introduced them word-search for warm up. It became a deep concentration in searching for all words. Very few finished but I promised to give the word search back by the end of class. My counterpart actually appreciated this because it helps them think about spellings. I also bought a ball and used it for games. It’s a think fast game where I throw the ball to a student and they have to answer my question. It helps them think on their toes. Another technique I used for the class is using a white board. I made several white boards out of plastic covered sheets with white paper inside. I  bought some dry-erased markers. For warm-up and games, I had my students use them for writing answers on the plastic cover and showed it up to class. Money well worth spent! Success!!!

20151006_102212 Searching tentatively on word-search

20151007_122104-1 THINK FAST! That yellow orb is just the blurred ball.

The class shared their flag project and I had to take their pictures!

20151005_082810 20151005_082814

Finally, my English class looks pretty! Before it looked messy, smelly and cold.

20150915_085527 BEFORE. Notice the tables were not arranged, no curtains, no decorations. Cold. Soulless.

20151009_100912 AFTER. Clean, light bulbs, curtains, the tables were arranged nicely and students hand-drawn flags!!!

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