Catch up

I’ve been either too busy or lazy to write my blog. So a few things happened recently….

Last Friday, I was invited to stay over at my former student’s house for a sleep over and dinner. I had rice, bread, potato fries, cheese and sheep meat.


We went to a fun park in Belsh, that has bumper cars, trampoline and a few small rides. Belsh just built a fun center recently.

20151009_181610 20151009_183234

Sunday, there was another soccer game between Armenia and Albania. Apparently, there was a loud ruckus at night and it seems that Albania will be playing Eurocup in France next year. This will be their first time in history to be in Eurocup. People outside were going nuts, rambunctious and so much happiness. Good for them!

Teaching is a breeze without problems. I’ve been reading students’ essays and correcting errors.


I created quizzes for students. This will be their first chapter quiz. My English club is doing good. I introduced the elementary school kids some English songs and dance with The Hokey Pokey and Head and Shoulders. They also had to fill in the blanks for the lyrics that we played.

My cooking level skill is increasing. Nerd talk.


I just learned Kosovo is having a political upheaval. This is not good because I plan to visit there.


Albanian words for the day:

përkas: belong
përmes: through
grevë: strike

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