Weekend at Rubik/Milot and Tirana

What can I say? Travel during the weekend fulfills my soul with happiness. I awkwardly asked the driver at the station where the bus to Rubik was. I took the minibus to Rreshen (for 250 leke) that goes through several cities where I need to be dropped. I visited Rubik on a chilly rainy day. The town is in the mountain region. It reminded me of my trip to Banff-Canada. When I look out the window, there were mists surrounding the mountains, the sky was grey, and it was raining. When I arrived in Rubik, it gave me a different feel. It felt like I was in a different country. Rubik is a small catholic town. It has a church on the hill that one can walk up. There is also a lake and basins that stretched out far. It has a highway that goes out to Kosovo.

20151016_152456 20151017_121652

I met up with a PCV there and had lunch.

The next day, I met up with another PCV. The three of us walked to the church and be awed of the view of Rubik. We had dinner at her place, eating Bibimbap, and watching The Grudge. We walked to the spot with no lights to see the stars out in the sky. I got to see the Big Dipper up close. I was amazed.

20151017_113332 20151017_113834 20151017_113908 20151017_114422 20151017_112725 20151017_113036 20151017_113214

The next day, we went to Milot. The only main thing about this town is the outdoor market. The market sells the same usual things like meat, clothes, food, kitchen wares, and such. It was nothing new or surprising.

20151018_105453 20151018_105559 20151018_105709 20151018_110513 20151018_121210 20151018_121209 Look at that white van on the go!!! It’s not actually shaped like that. My camera just happened to take it while in motion.

I ended up in Tirana and had indian food at Chakra Jone. They play Bollywood music videos and the atmosphere has indian decor. It was a little pricey but well worth it when you haven’t had indian food in such a long time. I had chicken curry with tandoori-baked flat bread. The service was nice and I had positive experience there.

20151018_172538 20151018_181804 20151018_173803

There was also a beer and music festival where it promotes riding bicycles for environmental motivation.

20151018_195249 20151018_195258 20151018_195725

Here is a picture of a drunk guy dancing. There audience laughed when filmed the guy dancing the night away.


There was a huge screen on the side of the building, filming Despicable Me with albanian subtitles.

20151018_200015 20151018_195348

The Skanderbeg Square was closed for cars, and only bicycles were allowed to paddle around. I enjoyed it because I happened to find a random PCV at the fest. We caught up with each other and then headed back to the hostel. At the hostel, I found another PCV! It’s amazing to find random PCVs at random times in Tirana!

The next day was a national holiday for Mother Teresa. I met up with several PCVs and played catch up and had coffee. I left Tirana.

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