Random catch up

This week, I created quizzes for my English class. I made several versions to prevent students from copying each other. The teacher made photocopies of the quizzes. Students paid back 10 leke for the quiz copy.

During quiz time, students were assigned to a seat by their teacher. Usually the boys sat closer to the teacher’s table to prevent them from cheating, also some boys hardly do any work. It amused me whenever their heads moved around, looking for answers from their neighbors. Instead, they caught me staring at them. Some of them even tried to ask me for answers!

The weather is becoming colder and rainier. This will halt my travel plans. So, dancing is starting to become my new hobby and I used to hate dancing! It is a fun work out.

Here are a few pictures from random….

20151019_083629 This was my breakfast at a hostel while reading a French book.

20151021_135649 A turkish candy, nougat caramel, it tasted super bland.

20151022_100257 This week’s lesson about clumsy crooks in English class.

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