Tepelene trip

A bus trip from Elbasan to Tepelene costed me 800 new leke. The journey was 4 hours long, located in the south. I’m not fond of travelling south because the duration is too long and the roads are usually poor. Luckily, the road where I was travelling through was a smooth highway. The plus side about south Albania are the friends who lives down there. That gave me the reason to travel.

During my bus ride, the view was scenic. There were lots of green lush hills, mountains, and rivers. I noticed the road was a bit curvy and along the mountains but isn’t as bad when I was going to Sarande from Himare.

The bus driver dropped me off at the center where the statue, Ali Pasha, is located. It was very windy and quiet. Tepelene doesn’t have a transit station. You have to stand on the side of the road, have patience, and hope that your bus destination isn’t filled up. My impression on Tepelene is that it’s very windy, lots of mountains, and it looks like any other typical albanian town. It doesn’t wow me, there’s no european charm where it feels like I’m not in Albania.

I met up with a friend and had soufflage for lunch. He showed me around. We had salep, it’s like rice pudding without the rice, it’s a hot beverage that costed us 150 for a cup. It was not good and I felt like the server did a half-assed job because we were foreigners. The cafe-bar that we were at looked like a two stories cabin and that’s where the cool kids hang out, supposedly. I like the atmosphere of the wooden cabin and the grassy rock path that leads to the inside. It bugs me that this cafe-bar doesn’t have napkins! Many coffee shops doesn’t provide napkins, and I don’t understand why that is.

I walked through the old wooden bridge. It showed me a nice description of what Albanians in Tepelene are like.

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