Language refresher in Berat and my reflection on life

All of the PCVs in my group gathered up in the 3-day language refresher conference. We stayed at the White Castle Hotel. It was beautiful and fairly new. My impression about the city….I think it is just another big historical city with nice things to see. It’s not in the “wow” factor, and I don’t see myself visiting there again, unless I’m invited to a social event.

The journey from Elbasan to Berat was 2.5 hours and costs 250 leke. The roads were quite nice, no bumps!

The group took a field trip to the Berat castle and visited the mosque. We learned historical things from our tour guide. It was pretty historical. White slippery Cobblestones.

We had a Peace Corps Albania talent show. I performed a dance from Napoleon Dynamite. I was not happy with my performance because I messed it up. I spent 2 1/2 weeks learning the moves and tried to make it perfect. Unfortunately, I had stage fright and it was my first time dancing in front of a big group of people. The PCV audience supported me and enjoyed my performance. I felt like I accomplished something.

On Halloween, there was a party at an expat apartment. There were foreigners occupying the building. It was full of people socializing, drinking, and a few wore costumes. I’m not enthused with the idea of drinking or meeting new people. I was there to see what was going on then left shortly. I exchanged farewells with the PCVs and moved on to other great things in life.

My reflection on life: So far, I’m surviving, which is a good thing. Throughout my time here in Albania has been a roller coaster. Good things and terrible things had happened but it’s part of learning, even when I already know the consequences, my emotions really bite me in the ass. My service here is steady and a little challenging so I can’t complain. Nerd-talk:Throughout my hardest and darkest days, I gained tons of life experience that I gained +2 on life. I guess it is worth it that I learned something new about myself. Who said joining the Peace Corps was easy???

My classroom: So far, it is starting to feel nice. We just got a computer for our English class and eventually, we will hook up a projector! This is exciting!!!


Words that I learned today:

Belshak – A term of people who resides in Belsh. Albania-Albanian, Texas-Texans

varit – depends

vjedh – to steal

i verbër – blind

zvarrit – drag

pëshpërit – whisper

hajdut – thief

tallje/përbuzje – bully

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