Suksesë!!! (Success!)

One of my student made it the first round of the YES program exam. She will be taking the next round of the exam again. I really hope she gets this and study in America! The school is rooting for her!!…Well at least my counterpart and I are wishing her the best!!!! Suksesë!!!!

I made white beef flavored gravy from scratch! It was not bad for the first try but there were a lot of lumps. I need to invest in a whisk.


I introduced a pupil a hand-game called “Patty Cake”. She enjoyed it and will be using it for her project.


Things are looking hopeful and better these days!

Words that I learned today:

Korigjoj – to grade



Befasohem/suprizohen -flabbergasted

jo organizuar mire – disorganized

qytetar – citizen

founder – themelues

permission – leje

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