Belsh bus times (tentative post), Belsh attractions

Here are some information about buses and furgons in Belsh:

Tirana: minibus, leave at 6:30 am, 300 leke, located in the main center transportation area,

Duress: bus, leaves at 8:00 am, there is also an afternoon bus around 2 PM, located near the main center transportation area, look for sign on the windshield that says Duress, 300 leke

Elbasan: furgon, very frequent from early morning until dark, 150 leke, located in the main center transportation area, travel time between Belsh to Elbasan is about 40-45 mins, the roads are poor and bumpy and are currently under construction


Villages to Dushk, Grekan: furgon, leaves when the seats are all filled up, at least 100 leke, located near the entrance of the school/Supermarket Zekthi, towards the mosque


At this point, the roads will split. You will keep walking until you find this sign….


Kosove (don’t be confused with the country), this is a small village in the Belsh region: mini bus

Seferan(small town): ask a furgon driver to stop you there

Lushnje: There is a bus that leaves from Lushnje to Belsh to Elbasan

What kind of attractions do Belsh have to offer?

  • over 80+ lakes within the Belsh region
  • walk around the main Belsh lake
  • Bumper cars, trampoline, little kids rides (across the Dumrea Market)
  • children’s playground, a small park with an outdoor cafe (next to the Dumrea Market)
  • transportation hub to Elbasan
  • small coffee shops and restaurants (traditional and pizza)
  • groceries
  • pastry shops and ice-cream (on the main Belsh road)
  • every saturday morning until noon, there is an open market selling food, house wares, clothing, necessitates,
  • a high school (grade 10, 11, 12) and elementary school (grade: kindergarten until 9)
  • car wash, post office
  • bread store (60-100 leke for a loaf)
  • mosque
  • Gradishta Mountain (March 14 festivity)

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