My students invited me for a picnic by the lake , up on the mountains. The view was beautiful and the weather was sunny. We took a 7 hour walk in the outskirt of Belsh called Seferan. I like that the road is smooth and curvy from the distance.

20151108_085749 This is a tobacco field.

20151108_085641 Curvy road to Seferan.

This is Seferan lake. It’s dirty.


In Seferan, we found an abandoned bar with a horse statue in front, facing the lake. It was built up with stones and wooden stairs where one can walk down. It was nicely built but shut down 2 years ago due to slow business.
20151108_092607 20151108_092638 20151108_093558 20151108_092644 20151108_092702 20151108_092741 20151108_092746 20151108_093214

We managed to walk another 20-30 min to Merhoja. Merhoja is supposedly to be the cleanest and deepest lake in Belsh. People say, some have died swimming there because it was too deep. We had a picnic there.

20151108_105102 20151108_110155

Our last lake visit was Dorbit lake. To break it down “Do” means to want, and “orbit” is just orbit.
20151108_122711 20151108_123350  20151108_12342520151108_123305 20151108_124048

What is Dumrea? Let’s break it down. Legend has it that people in this region, in these special villages (specifically in Belsh) that people needed rain for their crops. So they wanted clouds that carries water. That’s where the word “Rea” comes from, and it means cloud “re”. The word “dum” is actually “ne duam” and it means “we want”. So in literal translation, dumrea means “We want clouds”. I thought that was an interesting story and I’ve wanted to know the word behind it.

Finally, I made it back home in the afternoon. I experienced the first migraine and it sucked. I slept most of the day.

Words that I learned:

Rreshqites – slippery

edhe nje here/serisht – again

skicë – sketch

shkëlqej – shine

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