Starbucks cup and my Peace Corps budget for students

America is being sensitive about the plain red Starbucks cup. I could careless about such nonsense because there are important issues that needs to be fixed. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here creating epic lesson plans for my students and listening to FungBrosComedy on YouTube.


Yesterday, I experienced my first migraine. It became my enemy from the start. Its first move was draining all my energy and I ended up staying in bed. It was terrible and I ended up puking. I took my side-kick friend Ibuprofen and the backup from my PCV friends’ advise on how to counter-attack it. The next day, I felt slightly better, but I took a day off from work. Today, I came back and students asked me where I was and how I was feeling. One of them gave me a get-well present. Instead of an apple, I was given a kiwi. How awesome is that?!


In most schools in America, we get to print out a lot of worksheets for students to work on. In Albania, particularly in my school, we don’t have printers and papers to print out worksheets. They don’t have the proper funds for this nor do they want to waste sources. Students have to pay back their teachers a few leke for the test that teachers printed for them! For classwork, everyone had to write things on their notebook. Writing can be tiring and boring. If I want to do word games, I use my own budget to print out crosswords, word search, and other worksheets that I try to keep learning fun. I’ve been using some of my PC budget to print out worksheets for my students. I don’t mind using some of my budget for educational purposes. I want to make sure that my students are learning and being challenged. I believe I’m using my budget for a good ’cause. Printing doesn’t take a lot of leke, it’s about 10 leke per sheet, but I try to conserve and use as much space on a sheet as possible. Also, I’m not so stingy on this.

Earlier in class, I caught a student grab a cigarette from a student smoking outside through the broken window. I just sat there wondering why no one did anything about that. The teacher next to me probably didn’t see it happened nor did not mind it at all.

Words that I learned today:

thellohem – contemplate

perpiqem shume – Do your best!

Jo kaq shpejt! – Not so fast!

vjell/volla-to puke (present/past)

bilbil – whistle

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