The Bomb-Ass Chicken and Vegetable Soup

I made chicken and vegetable soup from scratch. My momma would be so proud. There are a few problems in Albania when it comes to food preparation. There is no Wal-Mart, canned foods, and microwave is uncommon here. This leads me to force myself to make food from scratch, have patience, get creative, and if you play any RPG games, this increases my cooking EXP. My papa used to say when it comes to cooking, there are no rules. I just wing it. Here’s proof folks!

20151111_142329 First, I cut the shit out of these vegetables into smaller pieces: garlic, onion, cucumber, tomato

20151111_142335 Next, I cut the white chicken into smaller pieces, because who doesn’t like eating big chunks of chicken in a soup? It’s awkward right?! FOR ME IT IS!

 20151111_145354 I simmer this bitch for about two hours max. The water is pre-boiled beef broth before simmer.

 20151111_165332  The final product. This could feed two people, but I don’t have anyone to share this with.

The verdict….bomb-ass. Not bad for first try. If I could change something, I would put a little less water, because now I have to finish drinking the leftover beef broth!

My next cooking quest is to make chicken vegetable soup with some damn potatoes!

Words that I learned:

permiresoj – to improve

perjetoj – to experience

shorte – draw (raffle drawing)

aftesi – skill

krijoj – to create

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