Bajram Curri weekend

This is a photo of Bajram Curri statue in the morning sunny mist at the center of town.

The journey from Tirana to Bajram Curri was 5-6 hours long with a minibus. It is required to bring a passport as the bus will cross the Kosovo border to get to Bajram Curri.

Why is it that one must bring a passport to Kosovo when going to Bajram Curri, even though it’s in Albania? It seems that’s the only highway that leads to there. Maybe the road is better through Kosovo, and that the road condition inside Albania is not drivable. If you plan on going to Bajram Curri, be prepared to present your passport. You will be in Kosovo for about 2 hours and then the bus will take you back to the albanian border to get to Bajram Curri. The bus will drive through a kosovan city, Gjakova.

The drive to Bajram Curri to Tirana was long, but scenic. The bus drove through mountains and the roads were curved along it. There was a long tunnel that runs through the mountain for 5 minutes. Since this was a 5-6 hours journey, there is a resting spot for bathroom and food break for 15 minutes. A girl walked out of the restaurant and it was my PCV friend! We randomly ran into each other, amazed, and exchanged hugs. It was funny and awesome how it was like this. She traveled with two other PCVs, they were coming from Pristine, heading down south to Tirana, as I was heading up north to Bajram Curri.  Good times.

When driving through Gjakova, it looked more developed. There were more infrastructure, the people are well dressed, bigger, and taller. They have better access in clothing and better sense in fashion. The kosovan accent in Gjakova is very thick for me to understand. Even though we spoke albanian, our dialects are very different. I speak albanian with a dialect from Elbasan.

When I got to Bajram Curri, it was dark. It was cold, and the trip to get there was very long, but the city is interesting and beautiful. It is very conservative so holding hands, or PDA is a taboo. I met up with my friend and we ate at a restaurant. I could barely understand the thick north albanian accent.

20151114_090022 20151114_084607 20151114_082454

I tried this heavy dough pastry called “flea”. It taste really good when it’s fresh out from the oven. It’s a kosovan thing.


My friend showed me around Bajram Curri. We took a small hike up the hill and hung around the bunkers.

20151114_092558 20151114_090241 20151114_090255 20151114_090634 20151114_090638 20151114_090956 20151114_090959 20151114_091647 20151114_092212 20151114_091712

Walnuts are common here.


The sky gets dark around 4. We fed a friend’s cat and then walked back to her flat.

My weekend at Bajram Curri was fun. I enjoyed it and the trip was worth getting up there.

There are some hiking attractions in the Valbona mountains and Theth.

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