Thanksgiving lesson plan and more…

Thanksgiving Day is this week so I planned a simple lesson about our American holiday to my Albanian students.

First, I will introduce the holiday. Then, I will be using post-it notes and poster boards. Students will write what they are thankful for and post it on the poster board. They could write it on the board, but I have colorful post-it notes to make the board colorful. Besides, what happens if a student made a written mistake on the poster? It’ll be ugly. Also, some will get to color and cut a Turkey!

I bought tons of school supplies for this with my budget money. The school supplies are cheap, but the quality sucks. Oh well!



Students cleaned around the school to promote environment awareness.

Words that I learned today:

kurrac – stingy

Gjirokastrit-From what I was told, it is culturally known that people from Gjirokaster are generally stingy. Albanians in general are hospitable but albanians in this particular city are exceptionally stingy. It is a personality thing. If you meet someone who is stingy, then you would know that they are from there.

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