New past times and my Thanksgiving project

I’m starting to learn some coin magic tricks that I can show to my class. Hopefully this will keep them entertain for a while.

During class time, I made a Thanksgiving class project that students find beautiful. Also, it’s Thanksgiving week so I want to make it an easy day for them. I gave them word search and coloring. As for the project, I bought poster boards and a large pack of post-it notes. However, the post-it notes lacks adhesive so it’s not really a post it note. Luckily, I bought two sticks of glue for this project so I can stick them on the poster. The outcome was beautiful. I’ve had a couple of volunteers commented and called me to say that I did a good job. One of them plans to adopt the idea and see how that goes. I will continue to use post-it note project for the future holiday. Christmas is coming soon!

I also gave a brief lecture about Thanksgiving Day. The general idea students gave me were eating Turkey, not to be mistaken for the country, and that Americans celebrate it.



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