Sunday funday/White Night Tirana

Fun events happened when you’re in Tirana. There were two holidays for Albanians. The first one was the albanian Independence Day and the day after that was the Liberation Day, liberation from Nazi in WW2. I’m not going to talk about the history, that’s what Wikipedia is for.

On Sunday, there were a few events going on, regarding to environmental awareness. The roads around Skanderbeg Square were blocked off so drivers had to detour. Bikes were eligible to ride around the square. There was an Outdoor Ambassador “march” that I partook in with other PCVs. However, since the Paris attack, we could not march, so we walked around the Skanderbeg Square while holding the sign regarding to saving energy and resources. 

After that, I walked around the square, watched marching bands playing, music stage event, and a football event. I got hungry and decided to have Mexican food. It was great.

At night, there was a John Newman concert. It was freezing cold but I was lucky to have enough layers to keep me warm for 3 hours outside. There were four bands playing. They were Turtle, Xhensila, All-In (albanian jazz-swing band doing covers), and finally John Newman. John Newman pulled a really energetic show. I didn’t know who he was until I heard his known hit “Love me again”. I heard that song everywhere in Albania.

Here are some videos I recorded from the event in my YouTube Channel:

Xhensila – Da Da Da at White Night Tirana

John Newman – Love Me Again

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