Christmas decoration for English classroom

I bought several Christmas ornaments and crafts for my English classroom. I want to make the classroom look a little festive and to give students a chance to have this sort of experience in their classroom. I want to transform this cold-communist style classroom into a warm and motivated westernized look. The only down part of the classroom are the broken windows, that still has yet to be fixed. We’ll see how that goes!


Also, for my next holiday project, it will be Christmas theme. During this project, I’ll let students work on their mini X-mas project while playing Michael Buble Christmas album.

These Christmas decor was bought from Jumbo, an Albanian Wal-Mart. Prices are fairly cheap. Some Christmas ornaments are 79 leke, the cheapest. The big red stocking was 179 leke. The stamps varies from 59 leke to 79 leke. The glitter glues are 99 leke. These were made from Greece.

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