OSAAB 15th Annual International Holiday Bazaar

I took the opportunity to partake in the OSAAB organization as the photographer for a festive market event at Shertaton Hotel in Tirana. I was an amateur photographer and volunteer…of course. I had fun walking around the area and took pictures of vendors selling baked and craft goods from different organizations from different places. It’s an international event so I expected to find a lot of English speakers. There were some tables from Russia, Germany and France, selling their own baked goods. During peak hours, it was extremely busy and hectic, and taking pictures was a bit aggravating when people were photo-bombing or walking through my shots. I used my cheap smart phone, and a piece of crap digital camera. Somehow they turned out decent, or fabulous!

What was there? Vendors selling baked goods, picture opportunity with Santa, Children Christmas choir, book sale, face painting, arts and crafts good, art, Gingerbread Houses for sale and eat, carved woods goods, traditional Albanian souvenirs, and such!

What is OSAAB? It is a nonprofit organization based in Tirana. It stands for Organization for the Support of Albania’s Abandoned Babies. All baked goods that were sold goes towards baby supplies such as diapers, food, clothing, and such. One can also volunteer at its facility by cuddling or playing with babies! Click here to visit their Facebook page!

To see the pictures, view them here!


Albanian words of the day:

bakshish – tips (donations)

rimoj (rime) – to rhyme (rime)

Une dua te paguaj vec – I want to pay separately

Dal shetitje – to hang out

Bej punen tende – Do your own work




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