Christmas Trees and Belsh

Even though Albania is a Muslim dominated country, some people set up Christmas trees in their home, despite being Muslim. Most Albanians are open and respectful to other people’s religion, and that is great!

SilentNightInBelsh The lit up Christmas Tree in the center of Belsh…silent.

20151208_120416 My neighbor’s Christmas tree
20151207_154935 A nice view of the lake with the reflection of the houses on the water.20151207_120227 My students Dear Santa letters on display.20151207_120223 And another one…

20151208_135449 In my past time, I grade English tests, watching Doctor Who, listening to Christmas music, and reading articles….

Here is a proper way of listening to Christmas music…listen to Christmas music at your own pace. I remember I used to work at a retail store and I used to listen to Christmas music on loop and non-stop. It drove me crazy and I hated it. Now, as a TEFL teacher, I can listen to music however and whenever I want! Listening to Christmas music while working (grading tests) is a great past time and get into the holiday spirit. It helps to feel like I am home for the moment.

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