Holiday class project

This is the time for students and teachers to relax. Students can work on Christmas crafts while teachers can work on something else.

In class, students colored their own X-mas stocking. It was a little hectic and I kept getting my name called for having lack of craft supplies. There was also Christmas music playing during the classroom to get the feel of festivity. So for the future, I will make sure to have enough scissors, colored pencils, and have more Christmas music on my phone. Many did not understand to limit their usage on glitter glue. They overused the glue to fill up their stocking part, causing the glue to run out quickly. I kept telling them to only use glitter glue to write their name, but that didn’t work out. That’s okay, because all the supplies were returned and not lost.

My purpose for this project is to let students use their creativity and experience some sort of Christmas festivity as we play Christmas music. The hectic and the warm fireplace slightly enhanced that sort of mood. Only I can sense this, not sure if the students does. They were too busy being kids and trying to get their hands on those scissors, Christmas stickers, and glitter glues.

Supplies used:


-Colored pencils

-Glitter glues

-Have enough copies of paper Christmas stockings (5 leke per copy, have two printed stockings on one sheet) for students

-Christmas music on cellphone with portable rechargeable speaker(optional)

-Fire heater (optional, if your classroom has this)

My thoughts: It was a fun and busy experience. I would definitely do it again, but with enough craft supplies next time.

20151210_135700 This is not the final product. This should be all stringed up and hang on the wall. It should be done by tomorrow!


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