The visit to Trojas

One of my student invited me to her home and introduced me to her family. She has two houses, both were very nice. She lives on a hill so it’s very cold. Inside her house was freezing so I slept with five blankets over me. During the summer, I was told it gets really cool. Her uncle came to visit from Italy and I got to meet him and his wife.

20151211_151642 This is the view of the lake and from the distant town is Shalice.

20151211_205246 One of her house has a wood stove and I took pleasure sitting near to it.




This is Trahana, made with flour, bread and excessive amount of butter. It tasted bland, like oatmeal or porridge. This was what I had for breakfast.


Albanian words of the day:

keqkuptoj – misunderstand, misheard,

depilim – waxing

abandoned – i lëshuar

duroj – grudge

rrëmbyer – hothead

mashtroj – to cheat, deceive, mislead

betohem – swear, vow

i lënduar – pained, sore, grieved,

perqafoj – embrace, hug, cuddle,

mëkatarë – sinner, evil-doer, wrongdoer

gjuajtje – to kick

bujqësi- agriculture

zbukuroj – to decorate (something small)

dekoroj- to decorate (something involving big furniture and arranging a room/space)

thyej – to break, hurt, fracture

shoh – to look, see, view

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